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Buy your perfect pram and cotton pram liner custom made in Australia.

Buy your perfect pram and cotton pram liner custom made in Australia.

Good morning my dear mummy friends!

Welcoming my baby boy in to this world was truly a wonderful experience for both me and my husband! I should say that preparing for a new addition to the family can be a daunting task for some expecting parents, like it was for me as a first time mum! Today I wish to share my two cents worth of thoughts on buying perfect pram for you and your baby. My pram was the most expensive items we purchased for baby and there are some things I thought later on I wish I would've known in advanced and here they are: 

  • A storage basket! Yes, who would thought that it will be my everything in the pram – my handbag carrier, baby nappy bag, food, blanket, toys, sun/rain covers carrier, shopping items carrier and list goes on. The size is very important, but there is something even more important than size. It is how easy you can get things in and out from your bottom storage basket. As example, with different seat reclining positions you are limiting access to storage basket, and on some models I have noticed with using bassinet it is almost impossible to put a nappy bag in as bassinet too close to basket and there is not enough clearance to take bag in and out when you need it quick! 


  • The next one is a hood/canopy size.  On my pram it was just OK, but I wish I would choose a pram with slightly bigger canopy size. On my pram it just a bit too small and during the summer to protect my little one from sun and give him some privacy during snooze time I needed to use sunshade most of the time. By the way the shade I use I designed myself and think I’ve done a pretty good job. You can check my sunshades here if you think you might need one :) 


  • One piece pram or two pieces when folded. My pram when folded is separated to frame and seat and to be honest it takes a lot of space in my pretty big car boot. I tried to put different pram which is one piece pram in my boot and it leave a bit more free space in there compare to my 2 piece pram. 


  • Protect you baby and a pram with good quality cotton pram liner from day 1! My newborn son was overheating very quick and easy and he was sweating a lot! With a little bit of research I found out that natural cotton fibres will help baby to feel cooler on hot and humid days as simple as that, especially for babies with sensitive skin or eczema. I couldn’t find on the market fully cotton inside as well as outside pram liner and I made one for Oliver myself. To start with without pram liner our pram got stained very quickly with baby sweat, milky burps, drink spills and occasionally with nappy explosions. It is not a fun to clean the pram! Everything changed with pram liner as it could be easily taken out, washed and used again and again! I couldn’t stop making fully cotton pram liners as I know it is a great product and will help lots of parents as it did help me. In my opinion cotton pram liner it is not only a luxury product it is also essential baby product which should come with each pram! Find more information on my cotton pram liners here. 


  • The last but definitely not least I think it is important that pram would comply with all mandatory Australian safety regulations and standards.  For a great resource on safety ratings and reviews you can check choice website and see your preferred pram or stroller test results. 

In conclusion I wish to say I love my pram {it is I Candy Peach by the way}. What I am saying is when you are a first time mum there are some things you just simply don’t know in advanced. And another thing it is hard to find pram which will be perfect in every aspect, you just need to decide what is more important for you and make appropriate choice! 


This is my pram and I love it!

Custom made pram liner I Candy Peach

Hope it was helpful! Good luck with your choice!

Until then…

Wishing you to have most wonderful motherhood journey

Ola Baby Owner and creative designer

Olga x

2016-03-21 02:28:22

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